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Activators for Windows

Welcome to our site! You can quickly download the best activators (from those, wich present on this site ) for all latest versions of Windows and Microsoft Office on this page! Other activators, you may look in categories. Once again, this page was designed for quick download of the best activator (if you do not know what activator better and easier you save time) and activators in categories – replacement in case of non-working or also for advanced users. Category programs, contains all necessity files and programs, that needs after Windows reinstalling (win-rar, classic menu, direct_x)

Chew-WGA Activator

Download the best activator for Windows 7 – Chew – WGA


  • Download the Windows7 activator (Password for archivewindows).
  • Run CW.EXE, click Apply (After system reboot, Windows will be activated).

The key for Windows 7 Ultimate (who needs):


 Do you want to download chewwga-0-9.zip right now?

   Download “chewwga-0-9.zip”

  Size: 9 MB
  Downloads: 2722

Microsoft Toolkit Activator

Download the Best Activator for Windows 8.1 – MS Toolkit

  • Run Microsoft Toolkit.exe as an administrator and click on the Windows shortcut. (Password for the archive – windows).
  • Go to tab “Activation”, click “EZ-Activator“.
  • After activation click “Uninstall” on the tab “Activation” under the inscription “Tool – AutoKMS“.

Key for installation Windows 8.1 Blue Pro build 9600 (who needs):


 Do you want to download mstoolkit265stable.zip right now?

   Download “mstoolkit265stable.zip”

  Size: 66 MB
  Downloads: 9443

KMSPico Activator

Download the Best Activator for Windows 10 Pro – KMSPico

  • Download and install KMSpico (Password for the archivewindows).
  • Open as an Administrator file KMSELDI.exe from portable version.
  • Adv tab choose TapDriver.
  • In the Main press start button and wait till activator exits (click install when prompted).
  • Restart computer.
  • Use.

Key for installation Windows 10 Pro (who needs):


 Do you want to download KMSpico-10-2-0.zip right now?

   Download “KMSpico-10-2-0.zip”

  Size: 7 MB
  Downloads: 9629

Re-Loader Activator

Download the Best Activator for Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016 Pro – Re-Loader

  • Download and unzip the activator (Password for the archivewindows).
  • Open the file as an administrator Re-LoaderByR@1n.exe.
  • In opened window, put a check in the O14 or O15 or O16, click Active.
  • Weight until the activation complete.

 Do you want to download Re-Loader-by-r1n.zip right now?

   Download “Re-Loader-by-r1n.zip”

  Size: 2 MB
  Downloads: 5732

Screen shoots of activations:

Activated Microsoft Office 2016

Activated Microsoft Windows 10

Activated Microsoft Windows8.1

Activated Microsoft Office 2013

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